Procurement Templates - Descriptions

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Request for Information Only $8.85

This template is used to gather information from a bidder to determine their capabilities for a future third party engagement. Its intended use is to provide the bidder with some initial high level scope (products, services, technology) about the future work and to gather preliminary information about the bidder. It also defines key dates for submission and key contact within the organization coordinating the effort.

This template contains the following sections:

Bidder Certification

Bidder Company Information


High-Level Evaluation Process

High-Level Scope

Technology Architecture

Proposal Submission

Restrictions on Communications with Staff

Information Due Date

Information Submission Format

Submit Information to

Number of Copies Required / Format of Copies

Bidder Summary

Appendix A: Bidder Questions

Request for Proposal Only $8.85

This template is a more detailed document used to assess a bidder’s capabilities for a future third party engagement. Along with detailed functional requirements of the proposed solution, it also delineates the evaluation process and key proposal submission dates and procedures. This typically includes a sample contract and requests more detailed financial information from the bidder. Since this is used as a means for ultimately making a selection it also requests for references, any warranties and service level agreements and pricing for the solution.

This template contains the following sections:

Bidder Certification


Glossary of Terms

Evaluation Criteria and Process


Warranty / Maintenance Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Proposal Submission


Bidder Financial Information

Standard Contract Template



Bidder Summary

Appendix A – Detailed Requirements

Appendix B – Generic Contract

Simple Software License Agreement Only $7.95

This document contains standard terms and conditions to license software and other products that are sold for licensing. It can be used to protect copyrights and prevent infringement of the copyright to legal buyers of the product being sold.

This template contains the following sections:

Terms and Conditions of License Agreement


Statement of Work Only $8.85

In many cases you do not know the specific nature of the work until you are closer to the execution of the work. In these cases it is common to establish a master contract between the client and the vendor, and then create a Statement of Work (SOW) to fully describe the actual work and the deliverables to be completed.

This template contains the following sections:

Executive Summary








Acceptance and Payment Schedule

Engagement Management Procedures

Project Approvals

Vendor Evaluation Form (Excel) Only $7.95

Effectively evaluating potential vendors for future solution delivery can be accomplished through this spreadsheet. Once an evaluation document (e.g. RFI, RFP) has been received, values can be entered that allows for a more objective assessment and comparison of multiple vendors.

This template contains the following sections:

Selection Criteria




Vendor Evaluation Summary Only $8.85

This document is used for a more detailed analysis of package solutions from a vendor. It provides a means for capturing summary description of the package, any unique qualities and cost detail (i.e. labor, license, etc.). The assessment should also include and benefits, risk and scoring. Ultimately documenting a recommendation and how that recommendation was derived.

This template contains the following sections:



Package /Vendor #1







Package /Vendor #2...

Package /Vendor #3...



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