Miscellaneous Templates - Descriptions

Business Plan Only $8.85

This template provides a framework for describing the plan for an organization (or company) for the coming years. It describes major accomplishements for the prior year, objectives for the coming year, expectaions, strengths, major projects, changes from the current year, funding request, organization chart, etc. 

This template contains the following sections:






(Current Year) Accomplishments Highlights

(Next Year) Business Plan Summary

Business Challenges

Organizational Strengths

Business Plan for YYYY

Ongoing Operations

Discretionary Activities


Process Improvement Initiatives

Increasing People Capability

Initiatives Specifically Excluded from the Business Plan

Organization Chart

Financial Budget Recommendations

Documenting a Policy Only $7.95

This document describes different components of a good policy including the purpose of the policy, the author, the policy startement, who is responsible for carrying out the policy, the people who approve the policy, etc.

This template contains the following sections:

Policy Subject


Policy Statement





Contact Information

New Report Request Only $7.95

This template is used to request a new report, probably from an IT organization.

This template contains the following sections:



Target Start / End Dates

Completion Date


Organization Definition Checklist Only $7.95

The purpose of this document is to define an organization. The organization could be a company, division, department, group or team. This checklist helps you think through and gain agreement on the fundamental nature of your organization.

This template contains the following sections:

Organizational Definition


Product Description Only $7.95

The product description documents the characteristics of the product or service that the project was undertaken to create. The product description will generally have less detail in early phases and more detail in later ones as the product characteristics are progressively elaborated.

This template contains the following sections:


Business Value

Product Description

Requesting Organization

Performing Organization

Project Recovery Only $7.95

This document is for use in a project rescue or project recovery situation. The form contains a set of questions that is used to determine the state of a project and what will be required to recover the project. It has questions regarding how the project was planning and managed, as well as questions about the state of the project lifecycle. The lifecycle questions are designed for IT development proejcts.

This template contains the following sections:

Project Name / Description

Questions for the Beginning of the Project

Ongoing Questions


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